Sodateage-Net (SDN) is one of the Charity recipient at Tokyo Marathon 2020 Charity.


To protect the future of children, let’s run with us!

Sodateage-Net (SDN) is one of the Charity recipient at Tokyo Marathon 2020 Charity.
By specifying Sodateage-Net (SDN), when entering as a charity runner, or when making a donation, you can support and help to protect the future of underserved children who are in poverty, are bullied, and are developmental disabilities and so on.

For Children 苦しんでいる子どもたちがいます。

In Japan, 1 out of 7 children are suffering from poverty. Poverty leads to social problems such as abuse or bullying. We are working to improve such children's situation.

It is the adult's responsibility to protect the children's future. To protect the future of children, let’s run with us! We, Sodateage-Net (SDN) recruit Charity Runners at Tokyo Marathon 2020!

Run as a Charity runner

Donation will be collected by one-time full payment of 100,000 JPY or more and the entry is based on first-come, first served basis. Collect and deposit donations into crowdfunding system created individually through the official Tokyo Marathon Charity website. The Charity Runner will be nominated from the highest donations collected by deadline, counting down to the 300th highest donation. Donate directly to the charity recipient.Including Corporate donors.The terms and conditions will vary by the charity recipient.
Entry period Tuesday, July 2, 2019 10:00 am JST – Monday, July 8, 2019 5:00 pm JST Monday, July 22, 2019 10:00 am JST – Friday, September 13, 2019 5:00 pm JST Monday, July 22, 2019 10:00 am JST – Wednesday, September 25, 2019 5:00 pm JST
Contact details for Active Charity
Capacity 3,700 persons
(First-come, first-served basis)
300 persons
*The collected donation will be refunded to those who were not selected as the Charity Runner (301th rank and below).
1,000 persons
(First-come, first-served basis)
Donation Amount to qualify
100,000 JPY or more(One-time full payment) 100,000 JPY or more 200,000 JPY or more per person
Individual Donor / Corporate Donor Individual donor Individual donor / Corporate Donor
Payment Method Credit card Credit card/
Bank transfer/
Amazon pay, etc.
The Address of a Receipt Applicant Donor Individual donor /
Corporate donor
Donation to Tokyo Marathon Foundation
(The donation will be sent to Sodateage-Net afterwards.)
Directly to Sodateage-Net(SDN)
Sodateage-Net (SDN)
Charity Runner’s Benefit
*We will be cheering for you by the roadside and provide a resting place after the race.
*(For the corporate donor) We will announce the corporate name on our website.

Our Activities

Learning support plus little something extra to prevent the poverty chain

It is said that there is a correlation between household economic situation and educational background. For example, the overall university entry rate of high school graduates is 50%, but the rate of high school graduates in welfare households is 20%. There is a 2.5-fold "difference" here. The educational background affects employment, and employment affects income, and is passed on to the next generation. This is the chain of poverty. In addition to learning support for children in economically difficult situations, we create various social experience opportunities. And we are helping them to have trust in themselves, friends, adults and society and have hope for the future.

A program to prevent children from saying "If I know first ..."

There was a senior high school student who was thinking "I will leave the house when I graduate and make living with a part- time job". After that, she participated in our program and thought about "How much would it cost to live alone?" "Is it possible to save money living alone with a part-time job earning 1,000 yen per hour?" Then, she started to think “It might be better to get monthly salary.

Children can think and act if they know. We are also working on activities to reduce the number of regrettable children by performing simulation class.
In the class, the participants think about "money and work" and "troubles that occur in life".

A Certified Nonprofit Organization, Sodateage-Net

Chairman and FounderKei Kudo

For youth, children who carry the next society

Last year, I participated in two full marathons in Osaka and Tokyo as a charity runner. The six-year-old elder son said "Cool! I want to run too", the five-year-old second son said "Daddy, do your best!" The two-year-old third and fourth sons (twins) were watching the adults running with full smile.
The appearances of adults who run for the sake of society and for those in need will certainly affect the future of children.
This is not only for my children, but also for young people and children who live in tough situation which no one else understands.
We could offer various opportunities to many young people and children by contribution that we received from charity runners last year. Among them, there are also young people who challenge themselves in full marathon as charity runners.
The virtuous circle that challenges create challenges starts with one challenger.
In order for the young people and children who will lead the next society can walk vigorously toward the future, we are looking for a “Cool Charity Runner” who challenges 42.195 km with us. Let's create the next society together!

We need your support for smiles of children.

In Japan, there are many underserved children who are in poverty, are bullied, and are developmental disabilities and so on.
The contribution we receive from you will be used for activities that connect children to " independent in future" by learning support, providing the program that children can learn about "money and work", and so on.

Run as a Charity runner